• Graduation - Saint Patrick's High School

1939 - High School Graduation

Frances Kinsch graduated from Saint Patrick’s High School in Chicago in 1939. At Saint Patrick’s, Frances was regarded as a good student who had many interests. Serving as class treasurer for three years in a row, she was also the school treasurer her senior year.


Even with her busy school schedule and outside activities, Frances always found time to make frequent visits to Saint Patrick’s Church. She treasured these times as she was communicating with God, Whom she loved so very much.


The following passage in a Revelation from Saint Patrick describes how these visits prepared Frances Kinsch early in life for the extraordinary task she would accept decades later as God’s instrument to bring The Miracle of Saint Joseph to the world.

“I am Saint Patrick.  I watched this little one grow in service at a very young age, dedicated to responding consistently and constantly to a child’s love for The Father, for Saint Joseph, and of course, for The Holy Mother.  She would kneel before the Altar and promise many things.  Innocence was evident, because many things she promised were not ordinary but extraordinary in content, in context.  We would All smile and say, ‘The day will come, the time will come, and she will be aware of the urgency for Souls to be saved.’


According to her daughter, Roberta Haag, it was during these visits that God was gently instilling into Frances Kinsch the grace and strength needed to one day accept the tremendous responsibility of The Miracle of Saint Joseph. Mrs. Haag also points out that her mother was never ethereal or outwardly demonstrative concerning her unique relationship with God. By contrast, Frances enjoyed life, participated in many activities, and had a fantastic sense of humor that was shared by her entire family. She enjoyed music, dancing, fashion and theater, and took part in many neighborhood productions during high school and after graduation.