February 23, 1931 - Kinsch Family Grief

Frances was just nine years old when her beloved father passed away unexpectedly following a routine surgery on February 23, 1931, at Franklin Boulevard Community Hospital in Chicago.


Charles Kinsch was only 48 years old when he passed, and the loss was devastating for the entire family and a great disappointment to all who knew him.  A sheet metal worker by trade, Mr. Kinsch had often consulted with architects and builders to plan construction projects in the Chicago area.


Young Frances treasured the memory of her father as the wonderful man who would awaken her by playing the piano and singing a happy tune; the kind man who would allow her to sit with him while he looked over blueprints for work; the great man who protected his family and loved his wife and children so very much.


Due to her innocence and deep sensitivity, and the sadness surrounding the loss of her father, this time was extremely distressing for Frances. The faith and resolve of the entire family sustained them through the difficult adjustment following the tragic loss of Charles Kinsch.


The following year in 1932, with the Great Depression still gripping the nation, most everyone was struggling to get by financially. To save money, Frances and her mother moved out of their home on North Avenue in Chicago and went to live with her oldest sister, Bernice, who was married. In the home of Bernice and Tom Byrnes, they gathered daily for The Holy Rosary to pray that the men in the family would find employment.