• Frances Marie Kinsch, Age 7

May 7, 1921 - Birth, Childhood in Chicago

Frances Marie Kinsch was born in Chicago, Illinois. Her parents were Charles (Curly) and Elizabeth Kinsch. Frances had four older siblings: Bernice, Charlie, Mabel, and Helen.


We identify the beginning of The Miracle of Saint Joseph in 1967 with the term Formal, yet God’s plan for The Miracle actually began Informally with the birth of Frances Kinsch on May 7, 1921.


In a Revelation from The Sacred Heart delivered through The Miracle in 1973, He spoke about the extraordinary moment when Frances was conceived:

“I, Here in the Heavens, say, ‘I watched over her every day for this time to be, to take place.’  At the moment of conception, when The Father whispered into her ear, ‘I bring you into the world to give Me love and cheer in the way of Souls,’ her human way responded, even though it was a cell in its way – two cells, more cells, but always directed to Me in My Way.”


At birth, the face of Frances Kinsch was covered with a veil of tissue, also known as a caul. The caul was God’s sign to the world that her life would be exceptionally unique and important. This extremely rare occurrence should be recognized for its true significance. In many cultures around the world, the caul signifies a blessed birth destined for greatness.


Early Years

Frances Kinsch was born into a loving, close-knit family who filled their lives with joy. Named after her Godparents, Frank and Mary Cavallo, Frances Marie was baptized a Roman Catholic as an infant. Ten and a half years separated Frances from her next sibling, and she was truly the baby of the family. The Kinsch family loved to entertain and did so often, enjoying each other’s company with music and dance. On occasion, Frances would be requested to dance the Charleston at a moment’s notice, and dance she did, as it was her natural, God-given talent. She loved to sing, run and play just as other children her age.


Frances attended Saint Peter Canisius Elementary School, where she was a good student and well-liked by her classmates and teachers. She enjoyed her Catholic education and received the Sacraments of Penance, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation.


As a youngster, Frances had an inner desire to please God. Sometimes, during recess breaks at school, she would make her way over to the church on the school grounds to pay a visit, because she simply wanted to make certain that God knew she loved Him.


One day in class, the nun told a very sad story about Saint Joseph being “the forgotten Saint.” From that day on during visits to church, Frances made sure to go to Saint Joseph to tell Him that she loved Him, and she promised to never forget Him. She would also pray before The Blessed Sacrament to tell God that she loved Him, and then move to Our Blessed Mother to let Her know how much she loved Her. Then Frances would proceed to share her girlhood worries and cares with Our Blessed Mother.


In a Revelation delivered through The Miracle in 1986, Saint Joseph spoke of the visits to church that Frances made when she was a girl:

“The day she knelt before Me, I listened to her words.  I smiled and said, ‘From this moment on you are being trained.’  And as I saw a child walk away from Me and go to her Mother, I smiled at this, for I even called her name.  She heard it but she did not know the Secret Supernatural Power that would one day be a consistent, constant way of life, so that men of all kinds could hear Me say, ‘I Am The Holy Ghost, I Am The Holy Spirit, I Am The Light of Faith, and in the Personage of Saint Joseph I gave Example to the world of mankind, for all days.’


Because Frances developed a close relationship with God The Father and the Saints at a tender age, she assumed everyone felt as she did, wanting to please God.


However, the time did come when Frances felt as though she was a little bit different. She took her sister Mable aside to confide in her and ask, “Mabel, do you sometimes feel as though you’re going real fast but you’re not moving at all?”


Mabel gently reassured her, saying, “Well no, I don’t feel that way but it’s okay that you do.”


This answer seemed to satisfy Frances and she went on her way.


Spiritual Preparations

Heaven would reveal many years later that even as a child, Frances was experiencing early forms of Spiritual preparations. The preparations would enable her to recognize and handle Heaven’s Power, both mentally and physically, and also strengthen her to accomplish God’s Will later in life.


Our Heavenly Mother spoke about one such instance in a Revelation excerpted here:

“Many years ago, when she was standing in a hallway, she said a prayer: ‘God, if what I’m hearing is not You, please take it away immediately.’  I can give you her age:  she was twelve years old.  I show her the hallway.


As We spoke quietly in those days, preparing the small body for what was to come, there were many times which We would see her cover her head at night, for she would mistake Our Words, thinking it was someone around, someone where she lived.


This Miracle has been given to the world with Much Preparation, Much Intention, Much Information, for the benefit of millions of Souls to be saved.”


As a girl, Frances realized to a degree that she was different. Heaven’s Spiritual Association was for her a rather natural occurrence in her young life, as she quietly conferred with The Divine and Many Saints. Her childhood preparations and youthful experiences readied her to accept the Heavenly Tasks ahead. As a youngster, Mother Frances was being prepared to receive and be the transmitter, the funnel, through which All of Heaven would reach mankind. Because the magnitude of these Revelations would be so extraordinary and magnanimous, Mother was endowed with the amount of Divine Grace necessary to aid and grant her the Spiritual, mental, and physical abilities to fulfill God’s Heavenly Mission.


Supernatural Obedience

As with many True Mystics that God The Father has chosen through time, Mother Frances was also granted a Blessing of Supernatural Obedience: not her doing, but God’s; not obedience to mankind, but obedience to the Ultimate in Authority, God The Father. The following Revelation Excerpt from Saint Pio (December 8, 1974) describes how young Frances was being prepared to accept Total Obedience to God’s Will:


“This child has been given to the world for many reasons.  This child has walked totally observant, subservient to The Divine for the total of her years upon the earth.  Many times The Father would say to her, ‘Now, child, you must go in this direction.’  She would say, ‘Why?’  She did not realize that she was truly talking but she knew that she had a close connection with The Divine.


There are so many children in the world who would not understand this child, as she was a child, but she said, ‘I know I walk in a different manner than all men,’ and The Father would say, ‘Yes, you do.’  And she would say, ‘Why am I feeling this way?’ and He would very gently say to her, ‘For another day.’  So then, through the time that this child did walk upon the earth in the manner other men walk, and yet she was always alert to another Part of her that was different than she knew other men to be, to have, to know, this child has now blossomed out into the world in the manner that God Decreed to be a long time ago.”



For her Confirmation, it was fitting that Frances chose the name of Joan in honor of Saint Joan of Arc, a courageous Warrior for God.


In a Revelation delivered through The Miracle of Saint Joseph in 1991, Saint Joan of Arc spoke about how Frances Kinsch selected a Confirmation name as a young girl:

“When this child was Confirmed, the choice of names came up, and the choice was frivolous at times, names that were appealing, and We Here in the Heavens pointed to one name that had to be.  The name was not accepted at first, and of course, the child, not knowing the Energy and the Force that was encouraging this particular name, was going to defy the idea of the name, but We Here in the Heavens named her and she did not know why that name came about.


The name was questioned by many when she said openly what the name would be, and the name was ‘Joan’.  The big argument was, ‘Does it go with the rest of my name?’ and We in the Heavens smiled and said, ‘What you think and what you feel, We understand, but there is a purpose for the name, because in many ways you will follow a path similar to a warrior in another time, in another place, for other measures of Faith.’