• Article from local newspaper in 1966

1966 - Fran’s School of Elegance, Fashion and Charm

Frances Klug, with the encouragement and support of her husband, opened Fran’s School of Elegance, Fashion and Charm in 1966 in Brea. The school motto was, “You model every day of your life.”


The focus of Frances Klug’s business was not to create modeling superstars, as she was concerned about the moral decline within the industry. Her goal for the business was to impart grace, style, poise, dignity, and integrity to her students. Her expertise in this field ranged from instructing executives in proper social skills for business luncheons and meetings, to teaching girls in juvenile hall how to present themselves in a job interview, to give them confidence and hope for their future.


Frances was first involved in high fashion modeling as a young adult, and later she coordinated, modeled and served as a commentator for fashion shows throughout the Chicago area. She also directed musical productions in Chicago and traveled to Kansas, Texas and California to direct local summer stock performances. Fran Klug was also invited on more than one occasion to serve as a beauty pageant judge in California.