City of God Hill

“Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope must one day
glow in the sun and Souls must be saved.”

God sent The Miracle of Saint Joseph to the world to teach us the importance of following the path to reach Sainthood. Heaven delivered thousands of Messages, called Revelations and Teachings, through Frances Marie Klug, a True Mystic, from 1967 through 2009.

Through The Miracle of Saint Joseph, God also expressed His desire for people of all races, colors and creeds to benefit from the City of God, Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope. Designed by Heaven, the City was intended as a place of tremendous beauty, hope and peace for people throughout the world to visit, to gain the Spiritual Strength to live according to God’s Will.

In 1972, volunteers worked alongside Mother Frances to raise funds for the down payment on a parcel of land in Brea, California, to build the City of God, Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope. Through the action of Mother Frances and many dedicated volunteers who participated in a series of fundraising projects, the remaining land payments were completed in ten years, per the purchase agreement.

Through The Miracle, God The Father generously invited mankind to partake in the building of His City, and His timeline was very specific. Many obstacles prevented the City of God from coming to fruition, including the dramatic rise of secularism in government entities and society as a whole. It was a time of great upheaval within the Roman Catholic Church and other institutions, and too few people came forward to offer their time, talents or means to support the City of God.

Even so, Mother Frances persevered to make The Miracle of Saint Joseph known so that people everywhere would realize the importance of their Souls and the path to Sainthood. The volunteers turned their attention to the publication and distribution of the Revelations delivered through The Miracle, and that work continues to this day. Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope remains the center of daily operations supporting the preservation, publication, and distribution of the Revelations, both online and in print.

Perhaps one day in the future, the world will see the beautiful City of God. Nevertheless, the Sound Teaching and Sound Direction given through The Miracle of Saint Joseph will benefit people everywhere for generations to come.

The proposed design for the City of God, Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope is described in the following Revelation Excerpts.