Impact of True Mysticism on Mother Frances

“The responsibility I leave is like the roar of the ocean,
… the weight of the mountains throughout the world.”

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Heaven spoke often about the Magnitude of The Miracle of Saint Joseph and the burden that was placed on Mother Frances when she accepted the role of serving as God’s True Mystic. It is nearly impossible to fully comprehend all that she endured to carry out God’s Will for the sake of Souls.

On many occasions while in the state of ecstasy, Mother Frances experienced God’s Power and Presence to such a degree that she seemed fully absorbed in The Divine. At times, the state of ecstasy lasted for several days. God also allowed her to see Visions of The Holy Trinity, Our Lady, the Angels, and the Saints.

Mother Frances accepted God’s Gift of Bilocation, whereby a True Mystic can be in two places at once under His Direction. She also received the Holy Oils of Saint Joseph that would flow through her hands, and she suffered from the Invisible Stigmata. To learn more about these Spiritual Gifts that Mother Frances experienced, see Life of Mother Frances – Timeline.

The following Revelation Excerpts describe the effects of The Miracle on her physical being.