Prayers at the End
of the Physical Life

“ ‘Thank You, God, for giving me the days I lived, for now I know that at this time You are so close to me and I am close to You. What would I have done without my Faith in all that You have given me? I would not have become a Saint, I know; but I will reach further as I walk from this spot to Where You are. God, hold my hand, take care of me, do not let me fall in this last part of life.’ So be it.”

Prayer Given in a Revelation from Saint Alphonsus Liguori
Delivered Through Frances Marie Klug
on June 4, 1991


“If I have failed You, my God, forgive me. If I have done one impure thing that was my own fault, forgive me. And now that man has judged me and I go to Your Judgment, have mercy on me, for in my littleness, if I have failed You, I ask Your Forgiveness. Do not let the evil one touch me. I could not bear the stench of his place. Please God, take me to Where You are, for my Soul’s sake.”

Prayer Given in a Revelation from Saint Joan of Arc
Delivered Through Frances Marie Klug
on March 13, 1985


Teaching Delivered Through Frances Marie Klug
Delivered Through Frances Marie Klug
on June 11, 1984 at 6:00 PM

“Though my life to the world appears to have been in vain, I secretly look into my heart’s loves and ways, and I say to God:

‘Though in man’s ways I have failed, I feel that You, and only You, know what direction was meant by every move I made.

Please, God, do not feel I want praise, but I want You to know that everything I did, everything I said, was hopefully to please only You, to be a credit to Your Gift of life and become a Saint, in spite of my weaknesses man’s way.

I love You, God; I want You to know this. I write and say it so there can be no doubt between Us, that though man may say and feel my life was in vain, Our Closeness deepened because of my little ways; not for the great things men would recognize, but for the little things I did and gave in Your Name and Your Name alone.’ ”